310W Welcomes Harley-Davidson for 120th Homecoming Celebration Parade!

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As the birthplace of this iconic motorcycle brand, Milwaukee had the honor of witnessing a spectacular parade Sunday that brought together thousands of Harley enthusiasts from all around the world. Harley Davidson’s 120th Homecoming Celebration was a milestone event that celebrated the company’s return to its roots in Milwaukee.

For this reason, the homecoming celebration held a special place in the hearts of riders and fans alike, as they gathered to pay homage to the brand’s legendary heritage. The celebration culminated in a parade that passed right alongside the 310W building in the heart of Westown on Wisconsin Avenue.

310W was delighted to join in the celebration symbolizing the continued growth and development here in Milwaukee. As Milwaukee continues to evolve, the partnership between Harley Davidson and the city represents the importance of local tradition and an enthusiasm about things yet to come.