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As Milwaukee’s Westown neighborhood continues to buzz with exciting news, 310W just unveiled their newest contribution to the area with a stunning brand-new social staircase and green wall. The unique architectural feature not only adds a modern touch to the building’s interior but also serves as a gathering place for tenants and visitors.

The staircase, designed by Wright Heerema Architects, spans two levels and features wide steps that double as seating areas. The space is bathed in natural light thanks to a skylight overhead, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

But the social staircase isn’t just a beautiful piece of design. It also reflects the changing needs of modern workplaces, where collaboration and community are increasingly valued. Tenants of 310 West Wisconsin Ave can use the space to hold informal meetings or catch up with colleagues over coffee, promoting a sense of community within the building.

Westown Milwaukee has been experiencing a wave of business growth and development in recent years, with exciting new projects and initiatives such as the Third Street Market Hall, expansion of the Deer District, renovations to the Bradley Symphony Center, and the announcement of the upcoming Iron District. These developments along with the arrival of well-known businesses such as Kohls, Fiserv, and Milwaukee Tool continue to make Westown Milwaukee an exciting place to live, work, and play.