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Nowadays, beer isn’t the only thing brewing in Milwaukee. The city (and its downtown area in particular) has experienced significant growth over the past several years and 310W is proud to be in the middle of all the excitement.

Over the past 15 years, more than $5.5 billion has been put toward completing public and private projects in the city’s most central locations. An enormous percentage of this transformation has happened already in Westown, from the over 860,000 square feet of repurposed commercial space to more than 60,000 annual NEWaukee Night Market attendees. The investments have attracted people interested in both working and living in these areas, and in turn the growth of interest has led to a budding community in both downtown and Westown.

Today, Westown is home to $1 billion worth of recently completed or under construction projects. The addition of 2,000+ residential units since 2015 has made Westown the fastest growing neighborhood in Milwaukee. This recent growth combined with an annual 3.25 million visitors goes to show that the community west of the river is thriving.

Westown isn’t close to slowing down, either. With more than $1.6 billion in investments proposed for downtown Milwaukee and a 3.3 mile extension planned for The Hop (Milwaukee’s public transportation streetcar system), West Wisconsin Avenue has never been so coveted.

Brad Gordon, Director of Acquisitions at Time Equities Inc., says, “We were naturally drawn to Westown and West Wisconsin Avenue. We wanted to be a part of something bigger and the momentum was already established…Wisconsin Avenue and 3rd Street are at the epicenter of downtown.”

Interested in all the investment projects happening downtown? Check out this interactive map.